Another informative  article provided by Br. Hatim Zaghloul.
Units of Measurement in the Quran
Recently Brother Pehliven noticed that the letter separation between the mention of the moon (Alqamar) in sorat Alqamar and and the first mention of the earth in the same sora when divided by three (the number of letters in the word moon in Arabic) gives the minimum distance between the moon and the earth as measured in moon diameters. In numbers 306/3 = 102.
He also noticed that the word separation to first mention of moon after the moon of sorat Alqamar (which is the moon in sorat ArRahman) gives 351 which again when divided by 3 gives 117 which is the maximum separation between the earth and the moon in moon diameters.
The justification for using the moon in Alqamar is that it is a miraculous moon. Allah states that the moon was divided as a sign of the approach of the Last Hour.
We applied a similar technique for the sun counting from the first mention of the sun since the sun in sort Ashams is not too different from other suns. We calculated that the distance in words between the first sun and the last earth before the first sun was 107 words which is the distance between the sun and the earth in solar diameters (the values can range from 106 to 109). Note that we did not divide by 3. To the next mention of the earth after the first mention of the sun is 1168 letters which when divided by 3 gives 389 which is the number of lunar distances that can be placed in the distance between the earth and the sun.
This may not all very scientific in the sense of lack of consistency in whether we divide by 3 or not. However, it points to a system for units of measurement that is a natural one.
With this in mind, we can think that a unit of measurement for distances between countries and remote cities is the distance between the Mosque in Mecca and Alaqsa mosque in Jerusalem since Allah mentions them in almost two consecutive words in the beginning of sorat Alisraa. The distance between Mecca and Jerusalem is 722.1 miles or 1155 km. One can assume that the number of words inbetween the two places would be the measure of the distance in this unit of measurement.